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Kombolcha Polytechnic College

Education’s contribution to all-encompassing development of a nation is enormous. Success stories of countries, which have reached at the peak of prosperity, have taught us that the secret of their success lies behind the ability to educate and train their manpower resources in a proper manner. Following this trend, Ethiopia has given considerable focus on developing the education & training sector, and has attempted to expand, create access to all citizens. Likewise, colleges and universities have been built dramatically with the intention to produce middle level skilled manpower. The Kombolcha polytechnic college is one of the numerous TVET institutions under the jurisdiction of the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) TVET bureau. The brief historical background & organization of our college can be divided and seen in two episodes. The first episode deals with establishment. That is to say, the college was set up in 1994 E.C. with institution status, having the name entitled Kombolcha Technical & Vocational Education & Training Institute. The institute started its business by offering trainings in short term certificate programs at what is called today as Borkena Campus, so named because the campus is closely situated adjacent to the river of Borkena, the river which starts from the highland of Wollo and sweeps through the centers of Dessie & Kombolcha to empty into Awash River in the Afar region. In the meantime, the government’s great desire and determination to expand higher education led to the need of opening an industrial technology college in the industrial town of Kombolcha. As a result, the federal government offered the money for the construction of the college. The Kombolcha Industrial Technology college was formally set up by the ANRS Council’s proclamation No.12/1995 E.C.,before the completion of the construction of buildings reserved for it. The following year, i.e. in 1996 E.C. the Industrial Technology College started actual work at Borkena campus sharing buildings with the already established TVET institute, but used its own materials and staff. In the second episode, there comes the period of what is known as integration. Because of consorted decisions made by the ANRS Council and the State’s TVET expansion Agency, the Kombolcha TVET institute and the Industrial Technology College merged together to form one single and strong college called Kombolcha Technical & Vocational Education & Training College. Since 2000 E.C. the TVET College has been offering training services in two campuses. Now the college has transformed into, and maintained the status of, polytechnic and the name has been converted into Kombolcha Polytechnic College & started providing regular trainings in level V.
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