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Korea Importers Association (KOIMA)

Nowadays, countries around the world are engaged in the common pursuit of prosperity through international trade, and the world has entered an era of unprecedented economic liberalization and interdependence. Korea has also been influenced by this trend and actively adapts itself to the challenges inherent in change and growth. In becoming an OECD member in 1996, Korea secured itself a position as a world leader, and consequently strives to fulfill its responsibilities in the interest of global wealth. Since Korea lacks natural resources, the import of raw materials and semi-finished goods is essential to the country’s industrial development and economic growth. The Korea Importers Association (KOIMA), with over 46 years of experience, is Korea’s only private organization exclusively dedicated to facilitating imports into the country to develop its industry. KOIMA’s 8,500 members are specialists in their respective business fields. Including endeavors to advance and promote its members’ interest, KOIMA performs various activities which eventually contribute to strengthen trade relations with other countries.
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