• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Staff101-250
  • HeadquartersKorea, South
  • Founded1976

Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)

The Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) is a non-profit and non-partisan research institute established by the Korean government in 1976.   RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Analysis and forecasting of industrial and economic trends while focusing on identifying and exploring the ways and means to strengthen economic efficiency and industrial competitiveness is the foundation of KIET's research. The institute focuses on the most vital current issues for Korea's government, business and industrial sectors in adapting to ongoing globalization, unrelenting informatization and revolutionary technological changes. To cope with the substantial economic adjustments and efforts made to accommodate these trends, KIET has directed its attention to the following research fields: regional development, core & emerging industries, service industries, industrial economics research, international industrial cooperation, small and venture business research, economic survey and forecasting. KIET is organized around one research center and six research divisions.   Research Center for Balanced National Development Presentation of comprehensive blueprints for local development and development of theories and policy research for the simultaneous pursuit of local development and national competitiveness   Leading Industries Division Research on the development of policy tasks and institution improvement measures to secure the future competitiveness of key industries and new growth-driving industries and intensive research on strategies for higher values and globalization of key manufacturing industries including promising business types, searching technology, and measures for the effective combination of new technology   Service Industries Division Presentation of policies for transforming the service industry into a growth force including higher productivity, service R&D, support functions for manufacturing, and industrialization of exports   Industrial Competitiveness Division Presentation of comprehensive strategies for the higher competitiveness of the Korean industry through research and analysis related to the industrial structure, industrial technology, company-related institutions, globalization of the industry, etc.   Industrial Cooperation & Globalization Division Conduct research on trade and commerce related issues, overseas industrial collaboration, overseas investments, foreign investments, and analyse the industry of important nations.   Small and Venture Business Division The Small and Venture Business Research Division aims to assist the nation's major and growing force of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and venture businesses. This division's research aims to develop and enhance strategies and policies best able to support and nurture the development, technological innovation, and international competitiveness of these smaller firms. The options of firms in dealing with ongoing structural issues are explored by the division, as are the ways for SMEs and venture businesses to improve their capabilities in production, marketing, financing, technology, human resource management, and information processing.   Economic Survey & Forecasting Division Forecast the major economic variables regarding the international and domestic economy, analyse the impact of such trends on the object-economy of Korea(special focus on the impacts on each industrial field), propose important policies/tasks on the basis of such analysis, and forecast the macro economy and object-economy.   OTHER ACTIVITIES   Public and Private Sector Consulting KIET provides consulting services to both the private and public sectors in an effort to expeditiously and accurately inform government and business clients of up-to-the-minute changes in market trends as well as updating them on current economic issues. Feasibility studies on specific business opportunities, including analysis of local and overseas market potential, and the costs and benefits of proposed projects are conducted on behalf of business concerns. Useful resources for effective business management strategies are also provided upon request.   Symposia & International Cooperation KIET hosts several symposia every year for the discussion of industrial policy issues. These events provide opportunities for researchers, scholars, business people and government officials to exchange views and collaborate to derive fruitful, practicable results. The proceedings and resulting decisions are often reflected in government policies and business management strategies. The institute plays a leading role in enhancing international academic exchanges by creating a platform where foreign and domestic scholars and specialists can present and discuss their latest research findings. As part of the nation's continuing efforts to increase international cooperation, KIET has implemented many cooperative programs with overseas economic research institutions. These programs include joint research, visiting lecturers, visiting project researchers, and exchanges of published material.
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