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  • Founded1973
KOZA, founded in 1973 by Aliyar KARACA and its partners, was named KOZA Publishing Distribution in 1987 with a new structure. Until 1997, it carried out the distribution and sales of courses and auxiliary textbooks of the major publishing houses of Turkey together with its publications throughout the country. Since that date, with the increase in the number of publications and the establishment of a dealership network throughout the country, it has only begun to distribute and sell its own publications. KOZA Publishing; educators, writers, distinguished scientists and scholars in the light of universal truths, to contribute to the cultivation of individuals who are respectful to national values, who love the country, who are free thinking, searching, inquiring, tolerant, helpful, honest, hard working, specialist publications. KOZA Broadcast develops teaching technologies in accordance with these principles and prepares teaching materials; continues to strive to prepare new products required by the scientific and technological change experienced in the world and to bring these products to their readers in the most beautiful way. The primary goal of our publishing house, which has been producing in this direction, in its 40-year past, • To make information available not from a single source but from abundant and diverse sources, • Learn how to access information, • You can use the information you receive, • Growing up as individuals who produce solutions using information, • To develop mental skills, • They have been publishing works to support the development of Turkish skills more effectively and beautifully. KOZA Publishing, who wants to realize that all children in their country meet with books from pre-school period, who thinks that book love is very early in children, has presented to readers of quality and reliable products with increasing number of books (close to 1000), both content and visual designs. KOZA Publishing has adopted the principle of "quality and trust" as a crucial insight in every kind of work by working diligently and selectively in the content. Their publishing house is in the lead of education publishing with its "content, diversity and technical superiority" with hundreds of different publications that are meticulously and principled in this context. KOZA Publishing continues to develop its publishing policy in different areas of the publishing world besides education publishing, continuously developing and renewing itself with its principle of "quality and reliable publishing".  

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