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Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association (KozaVisual) is designed as a platform for artists, art and cultural actors and researchers aiming to discuss and produce together. KozaVisual develops and implements projects in the fields of visual culture, visual and digital arts, documentary and ethnographic film, and performance art. They develop uncommercial, alternative exhibition spaces and distribution networks for artists and cultural actors. Collaborates with local and transnational cultural networks; Conducts researches and implements projects on the development and expansion of utilizing the visual culture and visual thinking tools in the surrounding region along with the collectives, groups and platforms having similar orientations. KozaVisual aims to initiate discussions intending implementation of creative, innovative, liberating and inquisitive art practices, and follows the principles of collective production and distribution in parallel to decentralization of art and culture in its geographical location.  Collaborators  Anna Lindh Foundation, Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, European Cultural Foundation, German Marshall Fund, FfAI Foundation for Arts Initiatives, Open Society Foundation, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

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