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La Strada International (LSI)


La Strada International (LSI) is a European NGO network against trafficking in human beings comprising eight member organisations in Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, The Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine and an international secretariat based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. La Strada International works from a human rights perspective in support of trafficked persons to ensure a world without trafficking in human beings where human rights are respected. La Strada’s primary goal is empowering trafficked persons, improving their position through promoting their universal rights, including the right to choose to emigrate and work abroad and to be protected from violence and abuse. La Strada’s philosophy, guiding its anti-trafficking work and its provision of services, is based on a human rights approach. La Strada recognises trafficked persons as active actors in changing their own situation, rather than passive recipients of services or victims in need of rescue.  

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Company Offices
  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Barchman Wuytierslaan 10 LH Amersfoort