• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded1993


Lambdaistanbul is a non-governmental organization. Its goal is to reach a future free from the imposition of opposition and dualism system. For this, they try to create transformation by interfering with discriminations in life. In connection with this, their goals are to seek solutions to the problems they face as LGBTIs, to organize solidarity among us and to change the negative views towards LGBTIs. Lambda has been operating since 1993. their organization, which gained a place in 2002, has over 300 interviews, movie screenings and opening talks, etc. meetings are held in the content. They also host the Istanbul LGBTI Pride Week, which is held regularly every year. Their LGBTI hotline, which started to work with the first “alo” on July 26, 2004, which can be searched for any questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, has been held by having over 30,000 interviews so far. Since 2010, they can also be consulted via e-mail. In 2014, the refugee hotline number +90 (553) 544 29 75, which was spoken in Azerbaijani, Persian and English, was put into operation. Apart from these, they have functions such as legal advice, academic consultancy. You can also come on days when they are not open, you can knock on our door and have tea and chat They are open to the participation of everyone and they work with the principle of volunteering. They don't have a salaried employee. Lesbians, gays and bisexuals, heterosexual, trans, na-trans women and men, non-women or men, that is, everyone can work voluntarily in our association. They also cover the expenses of the space with our own contributions. Thanks to the parties and the dues from our members, they pay our rent and bills and ensure that everyone who comes to our place can find a hot cup of tea. If you want to have a salt in this soup, you can first click here and become a member of our association online, then write LAMBDA10 and send it to 8071, so you can support our place to stay open with 10 TL to be deducted from your phone bill every month. Doing these operations only once is enough for a small but very meaningful support to lambda every month.
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