Legatum Foundation

The Legatum Group Legatum is a private investment partnership with a 30 year heritage of long term value creation through investments in global capital markets. The firm invests proprietary capital in listed businesses with a focus on identifying hidden or unrealised value in investment themes that are often played out over years. Legatum’s Mission is to generate and allocate the capital and ideas that help people live more prosperous lives and this has led to investments in social development initiatives which have impacted over 240 million people since 1999. Based in Dubai, UAE, the Legatum Group was established in 2006 by Christopher Chandler, who was formerly President of Sovereign Asset Management which he co-founded in 1986. Sovereign provided capital to companies and governments across all major continents, in a wide range of industries. This experience not only generated capital but also helped to develop the insights into successful investing that shape Legatum’s approach today – a focus on finding value; the early identification of points of transition; simplicity; diligent research; conviction and commitment; speed in seizing opportunities; optimism; and patience. These insights have also shaped their view of prosperity on both a personal and global scale and defined their mission to generate and allocate the capital and ideas that can help people live more prosperous lives. They apply their investing experience to allocate capital where it will deliver exceptional returns in the international capital markets, in programmes that promote sustainable human development, and in the advocacy of enlightened public policies which support the expansion of global prosperity. Liberate Human Potential The Legatum Foundation's mission is to liberate the human potential of those suffering abject poverty. Guided by their investment principles, they seek to influence and redefine conventional approaches to social development by promoting initiatives that enhance the optimal allocation of human, intellectual and financial capital. Their grant investments are targeted at the bottom of the Prosperity Ladder, towards communities that, for one reason or another, are trapped by poverty and its consequences. This may result from a debilitating illness, a natural disaster, a loss of liberty, limited access to education or credit, or something as basic as a lack of clean water. They try to help individuals get a leg up on to the first rung of the ladder so that they can have the opportunity and dignity of helping themselves. Legatum is advised by Geneva Global, a professional philanthropic service that provides origination, evaluation and reporting as well as active portfolio management. Geneva Global has codified what they believe to be good practice in the realm of international development. These standards, principles and beliefs focus on effective development practices at the community level, but are broadly applicable to the field.
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Company Offices

  • United Arab Emirates (headquarters)
  • Dubai
  • Legatum Plaza Dubai International Financial Centre