• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersSlovenia
  • Founded1946

Lek d.d.

Lek is a part of Sandoz, the generic division of Novartis, and a pioneer in the field of biosimilars and the second-largest generic pharmaceutical company in the world. Novartis is the leading provider of medicines in Slovenia, where further development is planned, as well. Lek, a Sandoz company, has been helping to create the development flow in the global pharmaceutical industry for 70 years now and has been steadily growing over these years. Their pharmaceutical generic organization operates in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide. It focuses on connecting with customers and evolving the future. With the help of their knowledge, quality and experience they became one of the key pillars of Sandoz. They develop, produce and distribute effective, safe and high-quality medicines, ranging from standard generics through modern biosimilar medicines.  The foundation of their success are their knowledge, innovation, courage and care for their patients' welfare. They aim to build and preserve the reputation of a dynamic, ethical and trustworthy pharmaceutical company.  Besides being the leading development center of Sandoz, they are one of the key production sites for technologically demanding projects. Numerous innovative development projects are the result of their own knowledge and experience. They operate within three development centers, namely: - global development center for products and technologies; - global development center for active pharmaceutical ingredients and medications, - global development center for biosimilars. It was the competence and knowledge of their associates that placed them among the most important Sandoz global production centers for active pharmaceutical ingredients and medications.  Despite the increasingly restrictive economic and financial situation, Novartis continues to invest in Slovenia. In total, Novartis has invested more than 1.7 billion Euros in development, modernization and expansion of production over the past 13 years. The cornerstone of their success is their knowledge. They heavily invest in development, education and training of their associates. For decades, they have been actively involved in progressing Slovenian research and development space. They have a well-established cooperation with Slovenian Universities and Centers of Excellence and they are very successful in linking economy with science. They live quality every step of the way. Quality is an essential part of their daily work and relationships with their associates, patients and customers. For several years, it has been recognized by regulatory authorities worldwide. High quality standards are met in all work processes, drug development and manufacture, as well as market supply with their highly qualified and experienced experts playing the key role. They are proud to be the leading Sandoz company and introducing new products to the global markets. Social act socially responsible. They believe that business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. - They strive to increase access to healthcare services, medicines and raise awareness on health issues. - They are a responsible and ethical employer and active community member. - They adopt a preventive approach, striving to make efficient use of natural resources and minimizing their environmental impact. - They operate in accordance with the highest standards of ethical business conduct. VISION Patients are the center of their operations. They pursue Sandoz’ common vision: daily improving access to high-quality medicines to help secure healthcare for people around the world. They are committed to making health available to everybody. As a Sandoz company, They would like to lead the generic pharmaceuticals industry and continuously set new higher quality standards. Their innovation agenda includes new drug delivery systems as well as very highly complex biosimilars. Decades of experience and professional know-how are incorporated in the medications that they are manufacturing. Their investments in development are extensive and subject to strict international quality standards. VALUES Their culture is based on strong values. They help them implement their mission and vision, choose associates, develop talents and award achievements. They are guided and connected by: - Innovation - Quality - Collaboration - Performance - Courage - Integrity Their solutions reflect their innovation. To achieve excellence they put quality into everything they do. High-performing inclusive and diverse teams are connected and working in collaboration. Performance helps them make decisions and act on them. Adopting a courageous mindset drives us to speak up, give and receive feedback. By advocating and applying integrity every day, they are committed to high ethical standards.
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