Lembaga Studi Pengembangan Perempuan dan Anak (LSPPA)



  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1991
LSPPA (Institute for Women and Children Development) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that cares about women and children issues. TheirĀ goal is to encourage the creation of a democratic society free from all forms of discrimination, especially sex discrimination. Established in 1991, LSPPA is part of the Initiative Foundation, working on women and children empowerment programs. The many activities Carried out between 1991 - 1996 were dissemination of social discourse due to gender inequality through discussions, seminars, book publications and economic activities of poor rural women in order to increase of the income of women and families. While interacting with urban targets, mostly students and other educated towns, the LSPPA-built Discourses on gender equality in life faces a pro and contra reaction. The counter-attitude of the society to A Certain quality could posed a threat to the physical and emotional LSPPA staff and volunteers. This brings LSPPA to look for alternative strategies and approaches that are more in line with LSPPA's internal capacity. In addition, in urban areas, especially in Yogyakarta, the role of gender justice LSPPA in disseminating Also discourse was later initiated by NGOs. While the targets in the countryside are immersed in the activity of economically practical activity, the real thing for LSPPA is that it is just a pack. The essential message of the importance of women in power in the economy is not overly concerned with the target group. For them, savings and loan activities can help meet the needs of household consumption in the short term. This phenomenon LSPPA disquieted, despite the very positive community response to the program, as LSPPA did not have much time and energy to wait for them to understand the essential message.

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Company Offices
  • Indonesia (headquarters)
  • Yogyakarta
  • Gang Pakuncen Tegalsari WB I / 274, Wirobrajan