• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersLesotho
  • Founded1990

Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations

The Lesotho Council of Non-Governmental Organisations (LCN) is an umbrella organizations for NGOs in Lesotho. It was established in May 1990 with an objective of providing supportive services to the NGO Community. The Council implements this through networking and leadership training and development, information dissemination, capacity building, coordination, advocacy and representation when dealing with the government and the international community. Vision An effective and vibrant civil society within a democratic, peaceful and sustainable Lesotho.  Mission Statement  To stimulate, promote and build capacity within Lesotho NGOs so that, they are stable, democratic, transparent, skilled, empowered, sustainable and responsive to their beneficiaries needs and those of the voiceless and marginalized.  Structure of LCN: At the helm is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) whereby the nine-member board of directors is elected. The board consist of three officer positions (President, Vice-President and Treasurer) and the six positions for sectoral representatives associated with LCN Commissions (Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Commission,Democracy and Human Rights Commission, Disaster Management and Humanitarian Relief Commission, Health and Social Development Commission, Women and Children Commission and Economic Justice). The board of directors and the Commissions are supported by a National Secretariat headed by the Executive Director who is also Ex-official to the board. LCN Strategic Focus: Strengthening Civil Society Environment Protection and Stewardship Economic Justice and Social Development Governance and Accountability Empowering the Vulnerable and Marginalised Responding to HIV and AIDS Harnessing Information and Technology The focus is achieved through the following functions: Strategic Functions Evidence-based Advocacy Building Capacity Participatory Approach through Networking Resource Mobilisation
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Company Offices

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  • Maseru
  • House No. 544 Hoohlo Extension Private Bag A445 MASERU 100