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LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) Tech encourages the continued early adoption and use of cutting-edge, new and emerging technologies by providing information, education and strategic outreach for LGBT communities. It is a national, nonpartisan group of LGBT organizations, academics and high technology companies whose mission is to engage with critical technology and public policy leaders for strategic discussions at all levels. LGBT Tech empowers LGBT communities and individuals, and ensures that media, telecommunications and high technology issues of specific concern to LGBT communities are addressed in public policy conversations. Mission of the Institute The LGBT Technology Institute is the nation’s premier organization working to bridge the technology gap for all LGBTQ individuals. The Institute works with individuals and communities and engages in research, education, volunteerism, and partnerships to provide cutting-edge technology and resources to improve the lives of LGBTQ individuals, especially those that are disadvantaged. Mission of the Partnership The LGBT Technology Partnership brings together cutting edge tech companies, nonprofit organizations, policy makers, scholars and innovators to improve access, increase inclusion, ensure safety and empower entrepreneurship for LGBT communities around technology.

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