The Lithuanian Foundation, Inc. is a registered Illinois not-for-profit foundation dedicated to preserving and fostering Lithuanian culture and traditions in the United States, Lithuania and Lithuanian communities worldwide. Over $20,000,000 for Lithuanian endeavors Since its inception in 1962, the Lithuanian Foundation has advanced its goals by awarding $20,000,000 in grants and scholarships. This includes  a special, one-time capital fund disbursement of $1,354,462 to aid Lithuania’s educational and cultural institutions after the country declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. Careful investment and diligent leadership The donations and bequests of members form the Foundation’s capital fund. The Foundation invests in financial institutions, government issues, stocks, corporate bonds, real estate and other investments. The income from these investments finances the Foundation’s grantmaking and operations. The gift that keeps giving Through careful management, investment, and planning, the fund has grown to a current market value of over $40,000,000. The Foundation’s leadership is working diligently to double the capital in the invested fund, in order to meet ever-increasing appeals for funding.  

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