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Llazo SHPK

Services Designing Architects and engineers hired or contracted by LLAZO are among the best national or international, ready to conceptualize, design or provide solutions to any situation. The diversity of designs ranges from simple one-story buildings to skyscrapers, roads of various categories, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, stadiums or even Olympic centers. With years of experience and timely experience with global developments, they contribute to the construction industry with sustainable, fast, cost effective and high quality solutions. Project Management By working alongside clients, they can contribute to setting the business objectives and the necessary premises of the building. We offer a wide range of services by engaging in defining project criteria, bidding, defining contract terms, and up to the implementation or maintenance of the work. Experts calculate design and implementation costs, manage materials, work processes in order to minimize losses or waste. Always maintaining the interests of the client and the environment. LLAZO is ready to manage and build its own facility for the benefit of the client or can provide consulting or manager services on-site. Construction of Buildings Quality constructions are what they know best, hiring the best team of engineers and construction professionals to implement the project. Their construction services include all construction activities ranging from foundations to refinishing or interior design. The complexity of the armor is no problem for their masters. LLAZO uses state-of-the-art construction and management technology, significantly reducing costs, guaranteeing quality or eliminating various risks. Infrastructure Construction With an ever-increasing focus on improving and delivering the highest quality urban and industrial infrastructure works at a faster time, giving more value to each project. LLAZO has the capacity to repair, build and maintain any kind of infrastructure work. The company is highly resilient and capable of working in either public-private partnership or concession contracts Water Supply and Sewage Systems Construction, maintenance and repair of any type of plumbing project from drainage and irrigation works to dams or hydrotechnical tunnels. Impiants and Rental Construction Equipment Plants And Building Equipment For Rent
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Company Offices

  • Albania (headquarters)
  • Rruga Pushimi i Shoferti Divjake