As of its foundation until today, Logosoft kept its leadership position concerning innovations on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian telecommunication market with one sole goal, to offer its subscribers quality services like those of advanced West-European countries. Thanks to innovative approach and high quality of internet-based services, they try to exceed expectations of their subscribers on a daily basis and offer the best ratio between the price and quality. They connected experience, quality, personal infrastructure, knowledge and created high-quality services. Largest local corporations and over thousand of private subscribers gave us their trust.  History Company Logosoft d.o.o. (LLC) was founded in 1995 as economic company for IT engineering. The initial activity of the company was sale of computers and system integrations. During 1998, Logosoft began offering Internet services and during 2000, it became the first company in BiH offering wireless broadband Internet access to private and legal entities. Later, during 2003, Logosoft began building its personal optical infrastructure on the territory of Sarajevo and it is connected with Tuzla and Zenica. In the following years, Logosoft kept spreading its activities on network integrations, software solutions, business solutions, education and telephone services. Logosoft is also a first company in BiH that started offering IPTV service, thereby completing its scope of triple-play services (Internet, Telephone, and Television). At the beginning of 2012, Logosoft was the first to announce beginning of offering VDSL-based services and today, it is the only provider in BiH with this type of broadband Internet service for private individuals. Logosoft is also the first private ISP that began offering services through its personal xDSL and optical network and today, it has a large number of satisfied customers in Sarajevo and spreading of this service to Zenica and Tuzla is intended in the near future. As of 2014, Logosoft became part of M:tel group. Its strategic partnership with M:tel enabled Logosoft to initiate a significant investment cycle primarily focused on spreading the existing offer by introducing mobile phone services and individuals and legal entities, as well as new LoGO! packages of integrated services. During 2015, a new LoGO! BIZ platform was created, presenting a set of IT communication services necessary to one company at one place. Thereby, companies can focus on their primary activity by having an efficient, reliable and cost-effective IT that would provide support in efficiency, productivity and also bring better business results. In the following period, Logosoft continue to invest in development and improvement of the existing offer for legal entities and individuals as well. At this moment, the company employs more than 90 people from BiH, whereas largest part of used solutions was created with the company itself and only a small number of companies in the world can emphasize this fact. Mission Their mission is very simple: to offer most advanced telecommunication services on the local market and enable their customers highest value for their money, with continuous investment in development, education of their employees and relation with final users. Vision They want to be your continuous connection with those you love and things that inspire you. They believe that as a connected society, they create better environments for new generations. They exist in order to create extraordinary telecommunication solutions, to make everyday communication easier and to increase productivity of your business. Strategic goals and values In order to achieve their mission, they set several highly important goals referring to quality of their services, satisfaction of customers, employees and their involvement into growth and development of the local community. Values Their system of values in Logosoft is defined with leading company principles. They respect several guidelines they use in their everyday work, promoting ethical behaviour, establishment of efficient control and quality systems in offering telecommunication services, team work, mutual respect between customers and employees, achieving better results in a simple manner and open expression of opinions of all parties involved in that process. As of its foundation until today, they strive to move boundaries in offering more quality services to end users, to keep up with IT industry development and be a connection between BiH and European and world countries. Responsibility for promoting company values lies with all of us, from the top management to all employees, since organizational values live to the extent in which all of us employed in Logosoft apply. Service quality They want to provide high-quality services and to meet expectations of their subscribers, regardless of whether those are services for household or services intended for companies of all sizes and profiles.  They were engaged in improving the quality of existing services, as well as in introducing new platforms aimed at saving and optimizing business costs of end subscribers. Customer Satisfaction Logosoft values do not depend only on quality of their services but also relation of employees towards end users. They want to be valued by their subscribers according to the same principles of respect and mutual understanding in the same way they act towards them. Their main goal is customer satisfaction since customers present the condition of their growth and development. They strive to listen them and properly address their needs through continuous improvement of the existing offer. With their technical support team that is available 24/7 to their users, they continued solving every obstacle as soon as it is possible and thereby contributing to a more efficient user experience. Employee Satisfaction and Competences Logosoft approaches each employee in individual manner and enables him/her to professionally develop in accordance with its possibilities and company needs. Competence is also reflected in a large number of projects completed by their employees with 100% success concerning system integrations, implementation of different business solutions and applications and also in educational domain. We are completely focused on the world of communications and technics and that is confirmed by their long-standing partner status with companies like Microsoft, Cisco System and HP Business. Ethics Business ethics presents acceptance of ethnical principles in all business activities. Once the public trust is lost, it is hard to regain it. Irresponsible individuals and organizations bring great losses with their decisions and activities. Therefore, Logosoft pays great attention to its business ethics in everyday operations towards end users and in Management relationship towards employees.

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Contract Awards

Supply of IT Equipment for the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Lot 1)

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
29 Apr 2013

Supply of Necessary Equipment for DMS and E-Archive in Bosnia & Herzegovina

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
4 Jan 2013

Supply of Necessary Equipment for DMS and E-Archive in Bosnia & Herzegovina Lot 3

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
21 Dec 2012

Supply of Necessary Equipment for DMS and E-Archive in Bosnia & Herzegovina

EC - Directorate General International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO - EuropeAid)
11 Dec 2012

Privatization Technical Assistance Project

World Bank Group
21 Sep 2008