• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Founded1993

Macom Instrumental Cirurgico

Macom Instrumental Cirúrgico was founded in 1993 by Josué Gonçalves de Siqueira, a born entrepreneur who, in a small workshop, started the maintenance and repair of instruments. The meticulous work carried out by the hands of the few employees at the time was drawing the attention of the market. From maintenance, the company started to produce its own instruments. The almost artisanal work gained recognition for its quality and effectiveness. Until the year 2006 installed in the old headquarters, already small for the quantity of items produced and the number of employees, it was time to move to a larger space. The company was in a position to acquire land. And so it was done. In a 3,000 m² area, at the Ferreira Fernandes Industrial Park, in Guarulhos, near Guarulhos International Airport, a new factory was built. On May 31, 2007, a large party, attended by authorities, the press and all those who helped build Macom, marked the inauguration of the new headquarters. Modern machines were acquired and new production processes were incorporated. Today, in addition to instruments, the company produces surgical equipment in compliance with the resolutions of government agencies such as ANVISA and GMP Good Manufacturing Practices. Macom employees are always in training and trained by reputable institutions such as SEIC, SENAI, Federal Technical School, SENAC and universities. With about three thousand items produced for the areas of Neurosurgery, orthopedics, general and cardiovascular surgery. Macom is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and instruments for Neurosurgery, which puts it in the spotlight among the others in this segment. Because it is always in tune with the demanding health sector, its growing evolution in search of quality and safety through customer satisfaction. Quality and safety, in fact, is one of the brand's strong points. A tour of the production sector demonstrates the care and precision with which each item is produced. As the acquisition of equipment, disposables and surgical instruments, the Macom customer receives technical assistance, periodic visits from sales executives, and all necessary clarifications and recommendations for the conservation and durability of products by Macom. Mission To manufacture high-precision surgical instruments and equipment that offer the surgeon safety and quality in procedures. Vision To be the best company in the production of surgical instruments and equipment, encouraging the personal and professional development of employees, thus promoting the satisfaction of our customers and consequently achieving new goals. Values - Respect; - Innovation; - Commitment.
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