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  • Founded2013


Medicine is pattern recognition. It’s their original thesis and it still governs what they do. The effective delivery of care is also pattern recognition or, at least, it should be. If you want expertise in prediction, simply go to where the competition to predict the future is the most fierce, where fortunes are made or lost on the ability to predict patterns in data: financial markets. The intensity of this environment drives the cutting-edge of computation and the ability to learn from complex data, at scale. The macro-eyes approach to working with clinical data was born on a trading desk. Pattern recognition has been at the core of macro-eyes since the beginning. They wanted to take algorithmic thinking from the trading floor and out into the world, to a domain where they would make the most immediate impact. Macro-eyes is an AI company rebuilding the foundations of healthcare to make the delivery of care predictive, everywhere in the worldmacro-eyes was founded in 2013.
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