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The Association MAIDI or Madagascar Initiatives for Digital Innovation was established under Ordinance n ° 60-133 of 03 October 1960 and was officially created on 02 February 2017 in Antananarivo with the aim of promoting Open Data, Data Journalism and the Democracy E in Madagascar.    The Association is established for an indefinite period The Association does not belong to any political party and is totally independent of any affiliation. The structure of the Association includes: A Board of Directors A desk A General Assembly (GA) Context During the Open Government Partnership Summit of 7 to 9 December 2016 in Paris, Madagascar has with Morocco, Guinea, Haiti and Senegal expressed its willingness to join the big family of Open Government despite unfulfilled eligibility conditions only 58%. Among these conditions is the improvement of transparency on the state budget and the disclosure of information. Facilitate access to information but also ensure that the individual freedom of everyone is respected. Beyond the principle of "  accountability  ", they hope that the government responds favorably to the citizens' " right to know ".The association is therefore taking the first step in innovative concepts on the national territory, notably the concepts of Open Data and Data Journalism , targeting various sectors such as education, health, employment, environment, transport, finance and budget.

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