Magsaysay Institute of Shipping

Scientia, Servienda, Disciplina - knowledge, service and discipline are the values at the heart of the MIS brand of maritime training and education.  The profession of seafaring, as a noble calling, demands from its members not only specialized knowledge and skills but also a distinct lifestyle governed by core values that manifest themselves in the virtues of honor, loyalty, valor, duty and solidarity.  Every student trainee who graduates from the MIS voluntarily binds himself, therefore, to the following creed:  They believe in honor as their crowning value as it is more precious than life itself. Their honor is the hallmark of their conduct and manifests their personal dignity and worth. Their word shall be their bond so that their written or spoken word may be accepted without question.  They believe in unflinching loyalty. Their oath of office requires us to be loyal to their nation, the Magsaysay Institute of Shipping and its principals. To us, loyalty is pride in the Institute, their principals and their class and promotes sincere concern for the well- being of others. They believe in valor as the courage and ability to overcome fear in carrying out their tasks and accomplishing the seemingly impossible. To us, valor goes beyond the physical dimension of boldness and endurance into the realm of moral courage to stand for what is right, and the inner spiritual peace, calmness and presence of mind in the face of confusion, challenge and conflict.  They believe in duty as the value of obedience and discipline. To us duty is the personal act of discharging and fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting all their commitments to the best of our ability. They believe in selfless service to God, our nation, our company, our family.  They believe in solidarity for it is the consolidating value to which all of us bind ourselves with the rest of their fellow-seamen in the merchant marine service. With it, they reject divisive fraternal organizations within the MIS. They believe that a well-founded training 'class shall develop pride and esprit-de-corps when they are confident that they share the same standard of excellence and believe in the importance of professionalism. 
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Company Offices

  • Philippines (headquarters)
  • Dasmarinas
  • Via Verde Village, Brgy. San Agustin II, City of Dasmariñas, Cavite, Philippines 4114