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Maitrise d'Ouvrage de l'Aeroport de Donsin (Contracting Authority of Donsin Airport)

The Ouagadougou-Donsin airport construction project and its access roads aims to:   ensure better functioning of the city center and better connection with the southern districts of the capital;   improve the safety and security of aeronautical activities by relocating them outside the city and optimizing the upgrading of ICAO, IATA and ECOWAS standards for the new airport platform;   improve the quality of life in the city of Ouagadougou by reducing pollution, noise levels and improving traffic flow;   ensure and guarantee better visibility of the future development of the airport without many constraints, in time as in space;   fight poverty effectively by creating jobs during and after works are carried out;   induce effects such as the development of the Donsin region and the creation of a growth pole;   Contribute to an increase in State revenues through taxes which will be generated by the marketing and development of the site of the current airport;   ensure a better outreach of Burkina Faso whose central position at the heart of ECOWAS is conducive to making it play a role of hub of regional and international air traffic PROPOSED ARRANGEMENTS The airport is planned with a landing-take-off runway of 3,500 meters with possibility of extension to 4,000 meters if necessary. The space reserved for the future airport is sufficient to accommodate a second parallel runway and the doubling of terminal facilities in the long term. A single runway and a single terminal are sufficient for the traffic volumes forecast until 2040. Expansion plans beyond this date have not been taken into account in the investment estimate. The runway is designed for Class E aircraft and is designed to be adapted to receive Class F aircraft.
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