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Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM)

The modern history of MAF begins with the recruitment of 25 young Malays for the Malay Regiment squad trial on March 1, 1933. This regiment continued to develop into a full battalion known as First Battalion Malay Regiment on January 1, 1938. Second Battalion was established on December 1, 1941, six days before the start of the Second World War in Malaya. The two battalions had demonstrated their abilities in the war against the Japanese. After the war, the country was hit by the Communists and the state of Emergency was declared in 1948 and required the expansion of the armed forces. By 1950 the strength of the Malay Regiment had been increased to seven battalions. In times of emergency as well, the armed forces had seen the establishment of a multiracial team of the Federation Regiment and Federation Armoured Car Squadron in 1952. After the country gained independence in 1957, the Army has developed and equipped to carry out counter -insurgency operations. At this time the army was rapidly modernized as a conventional force that is able to meet the challenges of the future. The Royal Malaysian Navy startedThe Royal Malaysian Navy started from the Naval Straits Volunteer Reserve Force on April 27, 1934 in Singapore. The force expanded in 1938 with the establishment of Penang and renamed the Malaya Royal Naval Volunteer Force. By the Second World War, the Malay section of the Royal Navy was formed and the strength of this force reached 1430 members in 1941. After the fall of Singapore in 1942, 150 members of the Malayan Navy had retreated to Ceylon, India and East Africa. The members returned to Malaya when the war ended. Unfortunately due to lack of funds after the war, the Malayan Navy was disbanded in April 1947. When emergency broke out in 1948, the Malayan Navy was revived and enacted on March 4, 1949. Malayan Navy was awarded the title Royal by Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. Malaya Royal Navy which has always been part of the Royal Navy has moved from Singapore to the Federation of Malaya on July 12, 1958. Simultaneously, the colours of the Royal Navy were replaced by the colours of the Federation of Malaya Royal Navy. After the formation of Malaysia in 1963 it was known as the Royal Malaysian Navy. The starting point of RMAF is the establishment of Straits Air Force Volunteers (SSVAF) by the British in 1936. The force changed its name to Air Force Reserve Malaya in 1940 but was disbanded after World War II. In 1950 this force has been revived as the Royal Malayan Air Force (RAF Malaya). Malaya Air Force came into being in 1958 when the first Twin Pioneer aircraft landing at an RAF base in Kuala Lumpur. Malaya Royal Air Force was officially established on June 2 1958. Complete history of MAF services can be seen in the Army, Navy and the RMAF web site. VISION To Be A Credible Armed Forces MISSION To Protect National Sovereignty, Integrity and National Interest
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