• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Founded1999

Mamiraua Sustainable Development Institute (IDSM)

The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute (IDSM) was created in April 1999. It is a Social Organization fostered and supervised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), acting as one of the MCTI research units. Its first Director General was the primatologist José Márcio Ayres . Since its inception, the Mamirauá Institute has developed its activities through research, management and technical assistance programs in the areas of Mamirauá and Amanã Reserves, in the region of Middle Solimões, State of Amazonas. Together, these reserves total an area of ​​3,474,000 ha. Through agreements with the Government of the State of Amazonas, the Mamirauá Institute supports the management of these reserves. Mission  "Promote scientific research on the biodiversity, management and conservation of natural resources of the Amazon in a participatory and sustainable way". Vision  "To be an institute of national and international reference in sustainable development for the conservation of biodiversity and improvement of the quality of life of the Amazonian population, with its consolidated physical, financial and personnel structures." Goals To develop, encourage, coordinate, execute and administer projects that aim at the conservation and especially the preservation of flooded forests; Promote the sustainable development of the Region in articulation with the local population; To organize and manage legal economic and financial funds, from donations of individuals and / or national and foreign entities, public or private, for the accomplishment of the mission; Develop or finance studies and research on the sustainable use of the natural resources of flooded forests; Perform basic, applied and technological research in the areas of competence and related; SAW. Provide and contribute to the scientific and technological training of human resources for the National System of Science and Technology, public and private, in the areas of its competence and the like; Support and cooperate with the activities of public and / or private entities whose objective is to conserve, preserve and improve the environment of the Amazon Region; Develop educational programs, prioritizing environmental issues in the Amazonian flooded forests; Perform and execute own or third party projects, holding events, courses and training related to the conservation and preservation of the Amazonian environment; To develop, generate, license technologies and acquire, in the country and abroad, materials, components, equipment and services to fulfill its mission, by its own means or in association with research centers and / or national and foreign entities.
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