• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Staff1001-5000
  • HeadquartersArgentina
  • Founded1929
The company entered into a joint venture with French retail foods giant Danone for the sale of yogurt and desserts, in 1996. It continued to develop new products for the local market, such as phytosterol-enriched milk in 2000, juices for infants, in 2001, and linoleic acid-enriched milk, in 2003. It also became more active in public service efforts, such as in the establishment of an environmental impact bureau in 2002 and of a fund-raising effort for the non-profit Favaloro Foundation, in 2003. La Serenísima, which processed over 4.8 million tons of milk annually, was recognized as one of the world's most prestigious names in its sector by Global Marketing Research, in 2004. Through Danone, it introduced Activia to the Argentine market in 2005, and in June 2009, Danone reportedly entered into talks to acquire 100% of Mastellone Hermanos S.A., La Serenísima's parent company, though the latter's US$260 million debt and reported opposition to the sale on the part of former President Néstor Kirchner has since delayed the deal. The Serenissima is a national company with more than 85 years of rich history linked  to the development of the country and the growth of its people.  A leading company in the preparation and marketing of food products that are distinguished  by their highest quality. From the beginning, this has been a central value  for all of us who are part of the company, developing all activities  under this premise. Thus, we have become a company widely recognized  and chosen day by day by millions of Argentine families.  For this reason, our values ​​are linked to family, nutrition, trust,  sustainability and social responsibility. Throughout our history we have strived, in pursuit of innovation,  leading the main changes in the national food industry.

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  • Alte. Brown 957, Buenos Aires