• Organization TypeIndependent/None, Works & Construction
  • HeadquartersAustria
  • Founded1995

Materialprufanstalt HARTL GmBH

Background Materialprüfanstalt HARTL GmbH, is a state-accredited testing and inspection body for the building industry. Materialprüfanstalt HARTL GmbH has many years of experience in the testing and monitoring of building materials and construction products, in the accompanying quality control of new construction projects and in the testing and evaluation of existing structures and components.   History The material testing institute HARTL was founded on January 1st 1995 by Dipl. -Ing. Dr. Gerhard Hartl. Materialprüfanstalt Hartl GmbH (hereinafter also referred to as "MPA Hartl GmbH") was founded in December 1990 as a subsidiary of a current competitor. On January 1, 1995, the company's founder, Dr. Gerhard Hartl, took over Hartl GmbH and the relocation to the location in Seyring (Lower Austria). The initially "concrete-heavy" testing institute has been continuously adapted to the increased performance requirements of the customers over the years through continuous development of the field of activity. In 2008, Dipl. -Ing. (FH) Reinhard Pamminger from the company's founder, who has changed into well-deserved retirement. In June 2012, the officially opened new building of the Materialprüfanstalt Hartl GmbH was opened at the new location in Wolkersdorf (Lower Austria). In addition to extensive tests on concrete and concrete structures, MPA Hartl GmbH also conducts tests in civil engineering, tunnel construction, road construction, landfill construction, parking garage and parking space construction, aerodrome construction, earthworks, hydraulic engineering, natural stone construction as well as on concrete and asphalt ceilings for avalanche barriers Base layers and on asphalt. Furthermore, MPA Hartl GmbH tests and monitors the most important raw materials for concrete and asphalt, such as the binders cement, additives and bitumen, concrete admixtures, aggregates, concrete admixtures, etc.  A special focus of our work is also on the testing and monitoring of concrete repair products, Masonry mortars, plasters, construction adhesives, concrete stoneware, prefabricated concrete parts, building products, bricks, ceramics, etc.  
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Company Offices

  • Austria (headquarters)
  • Resselstrasse 5 2120 Wolkersdorf