Social Responsibility Using the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard Key Principles of Mibral Society is a comprehensive approach to managing the society, which includes aspects of human and labor law, environmental protection, fair and fair operations, user protection, and the promotion and development of local communities. They base their business decisions and activities on these principles. Through their work they demonstrate the principles of behavior and action on mutual respect, the protection of dignity, respect for all the various cultural, religious and racial freedoms of all interest groups. They continuously strive to improve the working conditions by respecting labor rights and respecting each individual. They also invest in training and development of employees, improvement of the means of work and personal protective equipment in order to enable the best conditions of work and greater satisfaction of their employees. The company Mibral recognizes the need to preserve the environment in which it operates. Their business activities tend to always positively influence the protection and improvement of the environment. As an environmentally conscious company, they are trying to reduce and control negative environmental impacts and risks, especially when it comes to the disposal of construction waste, water and energy savings. Fair and fair business towards all interstate groups is the foundation of their long-standing success. They pay special attention to the cooperation with their subcontractors and suppliers whose business is directly dependent on fulfilling their obligations towards them. They also respect copyright and related rights in all segments of their business, by providing licenses or other forms of compensation for their use. The purpose of building their infrastructural projects is to improve the living conditions of BiH society. They pay special attention to the protection of the end user as a local resident of the area on which they are building. With modern work technologies and securing the site, they ensure the protection of every individual during construction, while guaranteeing quality is behind their completed projects. Mibral's business principles are focused not only on the constant increase in the welfare of employees and local communities, but also on all other stakeholders whose position depends on the company's operations and operations. Numerous thanks and acknowledgments are best witnessed by their engagement and contribution to local communities as well as individuals. Some of them are Handball Club Vogoćša-Poljine hills, donations for cleaning actions and organizing sports tournaments, as well as individual scholarships and sponsorships. Working on the highest ethical principles in each of their business contacts gives them the freedom to always be proud of their business and maintain the outstanding reputation of their company. Values - Safety - Teamwork - Quality and Supply of Services - Organization - Social Responsibility

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