Migrants’ Law Project

The Migrants’ Law Project is a legal and public legal education project, hosted by Islington Law Centre. They work to enforce, advance and defend the legal rights of asylum seekers and refugees and other vulnerable migrants through securing substantive changes in policy and practice. Asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees often struggle to ensure that their basic human rights are recognised and respected in the UK. Their ability to access and assert their rights is entirely dependent on their capacity to negotiate a complex legal system. There is an acute shortage of quality legal advice and representation for this vulnerable group. The MLP works towards addressing this imbalance by providing advice, support and training to organisations working with vulnerable groups, and where necessary, using their legal expertise to assist or lead on legal challenges. Their work has three main aspects: Advice and representation They provide expert legal advice and support to organisations working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The MLP assists groups in developing effective legally informed strategies and tools for negotiation with the UK Border Agency and other government bodies. They represent individuals or organisations to litigate in the public interest where it has not been possible to achieve a just outcome through negotiation. Through this work, they seek to tackle systemic problems around issues including, among others, detention, destitution, and protection of fundamental human rights. Co-ordinating legal strategy They are a point of contact for practitioners, NGOs, groups and activists working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to share information about current issues of concern. They run a forum sharing details of legal developments, training notes, and provide an online space for forum members to discuss issues of concern and share strategy, tactics, and developments. Public Legal Education The MLP promotes legal education and debate on issues surrounding representation of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This work provides an understanding of the immigration and asylum legal process and develops skills to enable non-lawyers to negotiate more effectively with the Home Office and other governmental and quasi-governmental bodies. Training is provided for free and training notes are available via the online resource. They also provide briefing notes and updates on important legal developments. For more information please see the Key Issues area of the site, which holds a range of resources on key issues facing asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in the UK today.
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