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  • Founded1989

Milsearch Pty Ltd.

Formed in 1989 as the first UXO/Demining company in Australia, Milsearch Pty Ltd offers comprehensive services in the assessment and remediation of land and underwater areas contaminated by military activities. As a contractor, Milsearch is a fully accredited and inaugural member of the Australian Defence Department’s Unexploded Ordnance Panel (DUXOP). Headquartered in Canberra, Australia, Milsearch operates in every State and Territory of Australia through branch offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Operating through its subsidiary company Milsearch Lao EOD Ltd based in Vientiane, Lao PDR since 1993 and more recently through it’s Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Milsearch is the predominant commercial UXO/Demining operator in Indochina, specialising in support to infrastructure projects, the minerals and energy sector and assistance to humanitarian initiatives in Lao PDR, Vietnam and Cambodia. Milsearch draws on a core of carefully selected, ex-military personnel and geophysicists qualified and experienced in this field. Current staffing includes some 14 full-time staff, plus 50 part-time international specialists on call, together with some 300 national staff in Lao PDR. Milsearch provides services which address the entire range of tasks associated with the removal of Explosive Remnants of War, or residual munitions hazards remaining after weapons manufacture, training, storage and disposal activities. The company is experienced at the conduct of complete hazard reduction programs on complex sites, which includes focused historical review, site contamination characterisation, remediation plan development, remediation clearance and fully insured certification. Milsearch is also experienced in the remediation of areas contaminated by Old Chemical Weapons remaining from World War 2 stockpiles and disposals. With recent practical experience, Milsearch is fully equipped with relevant protocols and procedures, the personnel and the specialist equipment needed to conduct a wide range of assessments and remediations in OCW areas. Since its establishment in 1989, Milsearch has been at the forefront in the utilization of world leading digital geophysical techniques in the search for sub-surface metallic objects. In its first decade, Milsearch was closely associated with the Geophysical Research Institute (GRI) of the University of New England, New South Wales and was closely involved with commercializing Total Magnetic Inference (TMI) imaging techniques which have become a mainstay of UXO remediation throughout the developed world. Through collaboration on equipment design at Milsearch’s UXO search sites in IndoChina, Milsearch developed a close relationship with Minelab Electronics of Adelaide, South Australia. Through this close working relationship, Milsearch was instrumental in Minelab’s decision to develop their ground-breaking F1A4 detector, later to become their F3 range of mine detectors, which are today recognized throughout the world as the foremost detector for minimum-metal plastic anti-personnel mines. These early collaborations laid the foundations for a sound understanding of the science underlying UXO/mine detection, ensuring that Milsearch remains up to date and abreast of technological change in the rapidly evolving field of UXO location and demining. Alliances Vietnam Representation More recently in March 2012, Milsearch entered into a formal cooperative alliance with Lung Lo Construction Company (LLCC) headquartered in Hanoi and with offices throughout Vietnam. LLCC is a commercial entity owned by the Vietnam Army and is heavily involved with UXO clearance and demining activity throughout Vietnam, as well as undertaking large-scale national construction projects. This alliance builds on Milsearch’s lengthy experience working with LLCC on a wide variety of UXO projects in Vietnam since as early as 2001-02 on British Petroleum’s Natural Gas pipeline, gasification plant and gas–fired power station project in Vung Tau-Baria Province of southern Vietnam. Milsearch recently opened full-time representation in Ho Chi Minh City which will build on the alliance with LLCC and provide in-country, timely and reactive advice to investors and developers faced with ERW problems. EGS Survey Pty Ltd Milsearch has developed a formal alliance with EGS Survey Pty Ltd headquartered in Perth, West Australia. EGS is a specialist marine survey company and part of the international EGS Group based in the UK. Many UXO and dumped or jettisoned munitions contaminate coastal areas and ports in the SW Pacific and in the rivers and coastal areas of IndoChina and the Middle East. These often present hazards for cables and pipelines transitioning from deeper ocean routes onto shore and in port expansions and maintenance dredging. Milsearch and EGS together with marine archaeologists have teamed to resolve these problems in a number of locations, most recently for Grange Resources’ magnetite mining and export project in the Port of Albany in Western Australia, where unwanted munitions discarded in the closing stages of World War 2 have presented a hazard to proposed approach channel dredging and berth expansion. New Zealand Representation Over recent years, Milsearch has conducted a series of UXO projects and UXO related historical reviews for a variety of Clients in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Like Australia, New Zealand made significant manpower contributions to the Allied cause during World War 2 and saw several US Marine and Army Divisions based largely in the North Island for work up training and eventual embarkation to the SW Pacific theatre. Live fire training of both NZ and Visiting forces during the War has left a legacy of UXO affected sites. Similarly, gradual rationalization and close down of former Ammunition storage sites has generated demands for UXO and EOW clearance. Milsearch has managed these projects through maintaining an in-country capability centred on Tauranga in the North Island, within easy driving distance of Auckland. This presence is also conveniently located to pursue Milsearch’s increasing and expanding involvementsin infrastructure projects in UXO contaminated localities of the SW Pacific, such as PNG, the Solomon Islands and Kiribati.
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