Mining Dialogues 360° (MD360) provides a neutral, objective and safe platform to facilitate open debate about all aspects of the mining sector and related issues. The organisation hosts a series of non-commercial meetings strategically positioned to incorporate information and opinions arising from issues in mining such as state intervention, investment risk, labour, sustainable development and so on. The dialogues are held under the Chatham House Rule and are structured to encourage vigorous debate, voicing of opinions and direct response to the sectors evolution.  The dialogues came about as a direct result of the highly academic comprehensive study called the "Rise of Resource Nationalism". The study is an in-depth look into the issues related to state participation in the mining sector from a global and historical perspective. The objective is to inform national debate through rigorous and exhaustive research.  In addition, MD360's team of specialist global experts collaborate with all participants in the sector to provide in-depth industry research. The intention of these projects is to offer facts-based evidence that offers all industry participants the knowledge with which to engage in dialogues that seek to find solutions to complex and deeply intertwined issues. We seek to provide as inclusively as possible an objective picture of the mining landscape.  Mining Dialogues 360° is held under the auspices of the Southern Africa Institute for Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) and enjoys the support of the South African Chamber of Mines, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the mining industry, labour bodies, civil society organisations, government and related institutions, and the investment community. MD360 is a not for profit company which operates with support of grants and financial contributions.  The Rise of Resource Nationalism study was complied using researchers from top local and international universities and other independent researchers. The study provides a better understanding of social, economic and political impacts of international examples of state participation -- including intervention and nationalisation policies -- in the minerals sector. It extrapolates these to the South African situation.  This study considers implications for government capacity to directly assist the country's mineral economy to grow and yield maximum benefit to its people. The exercise was supported by the Royal Bafokeng in the interests of engendering greater understanding of key issues facing the mining industry and the distribution of benefit derived from it. The study is a non-partisan, ideologically neutral document that seeks to provide all stakeholders with a common information resource to develop opinions and positions.  Internationally recognised industry leaders facilitating the dialogues ensures the South African situation is discussed in the context of global experience. A 360° perspective incorporating discussion on the successes, disappointments and failures of state intervention in mining is available in the July 2012 Meeting Summary Report located in the MD360 Resource Library.

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