Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganaderia (Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock - El Salvador)

VISION To be an institution of excellence, modern and efficient; recognized by the national population and the international community for the quality of its specialized services, leader in the sustainable development of the agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture subsectors, and its rural environment, which promotes inclusive and equitable opportunities for good living Salvadoran families. MISSION They are the institution that formulates and executes policies that promote sustainable agricultural, livestock, forestry, fishing and aquaculture development, food security and sovereignty; with a focus on adaptation to climate change, through plans, programs and projects, providing quality services for the actors in the sector, with transparency, inclusion and equity for the good living of Salvadoran families. VALUES Equity: Their Services are oriented under principles of justice and social inclusion, with equal opportunities and benefits for producers in the expanded agricultural sector. Quality: They dedicate their best effort to satisfy the needs of producers, through a team of professionals committed to quality, integrity and respect for their users. Ethics: Their work is guided by principles of responsibility, integrity and transparency. Growth: They promote economic and social growth and development of producers in the sector, promoting better conditions and quality of life for the country's rural family. Strategic Goals Contribute to reducing extreme poverty and guaranteeing the availability of food in rural areas of the country. Contribute to the generation of employment and income by transforming agriculture and rural areas into an attractive space for private investment. Promote a diversified, sustainable agriculture with high added value, profitable and competitive. Promote greater economic and social integration between rural and urban areas of the country, to achieve more participatory, inclusive and gender-equal national development. Help reduce the degradation, vulnerability and deterioration of the natural base on which agricultural activities are sustained. Strengthen institutional capacity to respond effectively and efficiently to the development needs of the expanded agricultural sector. Prevent and mitigate the risk of natural phenomena in the most vulnerable agricultural areas in the country.
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Company Offices

  • El Salvador (headquarters)
  • La Libertad
  • Final 1st. Avenida Norte, 13 Calle Oriente and Av. Manuel Gallardo Santa Tecla, La Libertad.