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Ministry of Agriculture (Belize)

The Department of Agriculture’s aim is to provide an environment that is conducive to increase production and productivity, promoting investment, and encouraging private sector involvement in agribusiness enterprises in a manner that ensures competitiveness, quality production, trade and sustainability. The Vision & Mission of The Ministry of Agriculture VISION An agriculture and Food Sector that is innovative, competitive, diversified and sustainable MISSION To grow and continue as a key economic pillar, ensuring food and nutrition security, diversifying business opportunities, reducing poverty and enhancing human resources capacity in a sustainable and competitive environment.. GOAL The overall goal is to engender a conducive environment for the development of an Agriculture and Food Sector that is competitive, diversified and sustainable, enhances food security and nutrition, and contributes to the achievement of the socio-economic development goals of Belize. Objective to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in the structure and institutional management systems of the Agriculture and Food Sector in Belize. This will be through well-defined roles of regulatory and promotional bodies, enhancing greater collaboration among key stakeholders, and the establishment of clear policy incentive or disincentive frameworks for the production, utilization, and marketing of agriculture and food products. This is expected to enhance the sustainable growth of the sector, to ensure food and nutrition security, to improve farmer/processor income, to create employment, and to attract private sector investment and participation in the sector. Five Pillars - Production, Productivity, and Competitiveness; - Market Development, Access and Penetration; - National Food and Nutrition Security and Rural Livelihoods; - Sustainable Agriculture and Risk Management; and - Governance
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