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Ministry of Agriculture, Water, Fisheries and Livestock (Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Eau, de la Pêche et de l’Elevage) (MAEM) (Djibouti)

Welcome to the home page of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and the Sea, in charge of Hydraulic Resources. They invite you to visit this website to learn about the development of the primary sector, the wide range of programs and projects in progress, the different departments and of course the cross-cutting projects, as well as all the news and events from the Ministry. The Ministry of Agriculture and the service sector in this sector, which has been growing steadily for a decade, are working together for the sustainable development of the primary sector, which is the essential basis for maintaining a viable and healthy agricultural and food sector. The rural community is an important pillar of our country's economic growth and prosperity, and improves the quality of life for all. They are constantly striving to improve these pages by providing user-friendly, relevant, practical, accurate and interesting information. They invite you to visit us regularly when you need information on agriculture, livestock, fishing, water resources. They frequently update our home page by adding information for primary sector stakeholders and for each new event.
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