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Ministry of Armed Forces (France)

Organization of the Ministry of the Armed Forces The Ministry of the Armed Forces is an institution which has undergone many name changes, according to the History of France and military history, going from a State Secretariat to a Ministry of War and then to that of the national defense and the armed forces, defense and, finally to its current name. In recent years, the ministry has implemented a profound transformation of the defense tool. The professionalization of the armies and the suspension of national service necessitated the establishment of an organization, the adaptation of which continues to respond to the changes in an increasingly complex geopolitical context. The Ministry of Defense, in accordance with the objectives set by the White Paper on Defense and National Security, and within the framework of the general review of public policies applied to all the ministries, has embarked on an in-depth restructuring its general administration and the support structures of the armed forces in the territory. This modernization aims to make the administration of the ministry more efficient, while maintaining an effective posture of safety for France, for the protection of the territory, its population and its interests.
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