Ministry of Community Development (United Arab Emirates)

About MOCD The MOCD is seeking to improve the social development in Emirates by achieving the objectives of national agenda for the Emirates Vision 2021AD, strengthening the society and family coherence and finding a society which participates effectively in the building and development by adopting a long term strategic plans derived from the vision of wise leadership of government aiming at bringing happiness to the society and consolidating the position of country as a place of happiness. It is also working to reinforce the partnership and cooperation between both the public sector and private sector for the purpose of consolidating the culture of social responsibility deemed as a basic value of the consolidated values system in the Emirati society and moving from the social care to the concept of social development in accordance with fixed bases upon which the objectives of national agenda for the Emirates vision 2021 are relied. These objectives are represented in the common responsibility, determination, knowledge and prosperity. The Ministry's programs and initiatives are focusing on all concerned categories of society in relation to the activation of children rights, enabling of the entrepreneurial family and merging the people of determination in the society. They are also focusing on the development of social security policy, enabling the weak categories to be merged in the society, strengthening the stability of Emirati families and reinforcing the relations among the members of society by the permanent innovation for the purpose of providing the services in accordance with the highest world standards of quality, efficiency and transparency. The responsibilities of MOCD as follows: Develop and implement policies, strategies and programs for the development and advancement of society. Develop social benefits policy and social empowerment. Prepare the policies and controls of social work in various fields and sectors and evaluating the inputs and outputs of development programs and community care. Propose and prepare federal legislation related to community development. Strengthen the participation of governmental and private institutions and individuals to develop and support social work and community development. Establish social welfare institutions and implement development projects for the family in all its members, especially those with a stake, and enable them to integrate and participate effectively in society. Draw-up the general policy for granting marriage. Adopt the recommendations relating to the discharge of marriage and supervising the procedures for its disbursement. Provide technical and material assistance to the Member States to enable them to implement the above mentioned legislation. Oversee the spending of the financial allocations stipulated in the budget of the Union for Social Affairs according to the urgent need of some Emirates in agreement with the authorities of the Emirate concerned. Supervise the foreign and international bodies and institutions that provide material or concerned assistance and engage in social welfare and charity work or supervise them as well as supervise their registration and guidance and support their efforts in serving the community. Any other functions vested in it by law or the decision of the Council of Ministers.  
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