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Ministry of Culture (Russian Federation)



The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is the federal executive, body which deals with culture and arts issues. The main task of the Ministry is implementation of the Strategy of State Cultural Policy until 2030 approved by the Order of the Russian Federation Government of 29 February 2016. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has the Public Council which consists of 36 leading cultural figures who act serving as a communication channel for between the government officials and the civil society. The executive structure of the Ministry consists of the Minister of Culture, 6 Deputy Ministers, including the First Deputy Minister and the Official Secretary of a Deputy Minister. The Ministry of Culture is authorized to issue legal regulations, to develop and propose draft regulations in the areas of culture, arts, cinematography, copyright and associated rights, cultural and historical heritage, and tourism, as well as international cultural and information-related cooperation. Work of the Ministry in the field of international cooperation is aimed at promoting abroad cultural and arts achievements of the peoples of the Russian Federation and also contributing to the creation of conditions for effective development of international cultural exchanges and collaboration between Russian organizations and citizens and foreign partners. To implement these goals the Ministry of organize complex events of international cultural cooperation, such as Years, Seasons and Days of Russian Culture abroad, various Festivals of Culture and Arts etc. Moreover, the Ministry of Culture of Russia provide assistance to foreign countries in conducting similar events in the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation coordinate with the federal and regional governmental bodies activities carried out by the Ministry in the field of international cultural cooperation. It may also assist in creating cultural programs or organizing cultural events within the framework of integrated projects holding by other governmental entities of the Russian Federation. The Ministry regularly render consulting, organizational, financial and information assistance of various kind to Russian cultural and arts organizations in their international activities. At the same time, in accordance with the existing legislation, the Ministry of Culture of Russia is not entitled to provide financial support to legal entities of the foreign states. The Ministry regularly organizes events aimed at supporting Russian compatriots abroad and their sociocultural identity in order to create the positive image of Russia and attract interest in the Russian language and culture in foreign countries. An important activity area is cooperation with the foreign state agencies and bodies in charge of culture and tourism for t effective organization of various events as well as texchange of international experience in respective fields. The Press Office of the Ministry of Culture of Russia ensure efficient interaction with Russian and foreign media in order to provide impartial coverage of the Ministry’s activities, and arrange interviews with of the Ministry’s leadership in Russian and foreign media.  

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