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Ministry of Decentralization and Local Governance (Benin)

The Ministry of Decentralization and Local Governance is responsible for the definition, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of the State policy in terms of decentralization, deconcentration, local governance and grassroots development, in accordance with the laws and rules in force in the Republic of Benin and with the visions and development policy of the Government. As such, its responsibilities include: to coordinate the implementation of the territorial administration reform; to implement the national policy of decentralization and deconcentration; ensuring the administration of the administrative district and the supervision of decentralized local authorities; to ensure the quality of governance in the conduct of local affairs; to ensure the quality of the supply of local public services to the populations in collaboration with the other ministrie The Ministry of Decentralization and Local Governance is the hierarchical authority of the heads of administrative districts and exercises the supervisory authority of decentralized territorial communities through the Prefects of Departments. As such, it monitors and controls their management. It is the source of all documents and correspondence from Ministerial departments to or from administrative districts and decentralized local authorities. Since February 20, 2019, Mr. SEÏDOU Alassane has the heavy but exhilarating mission of presiding over the destinies of this giant ministerial department.  
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