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Ministry of Economy (Fiji)

The Ministry of Economy is accountable to the Government for: the promotion of sound financial resource management practice among the various Government agencies; and it is also responsible for promoting sound economic management of the national economy, consistent with macroeconomic targets that put the economy on a path to sustainable long term development. Role and Responsibilities The primary role of the Ministry of Economy is to support the Government in the efficient and effective management of the national economy consistent with the sustainable achievement of Government’s vision for the nation. To achieve this, the Ministry will ensure that prudent fiscal policies and practises are in place in order to strengthen financial and macro-economic stability. The Ministry will continue in its efforts to spearhead the financial management reform that will help government improve the delivery of public goods and services, thereby contributing to economic growth and improving the living standards of the people of Fiji.  In fulfilling its role, the Ministry has assumed responsibility for providing Government with: Sound economic and financial forecasting, advisory and analytical services; Budget Management services; Accounting services; Oversight of the tax collection function exercised by the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (FIRCA); Financial asset and Debt Management services; Oversight of and key responsibility for the implementation of Government-wide financial management reform; Government Printing services; Electronic networking of Government agencies and information technology support services through the ITC; Facilitation of maintenance and upgrading of roading works in Government; and Facilitation of procurement process for whole of Government. Other Responsibilities The other major output of the Ministry is Revenue Administration under which the Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority (FIRCA) is the official tax collection agency for the State.
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