Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (Czech Republic)

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is committed to promoting gender equality, both within the social policies for which it is responsible and within its own organization. Thus, the Ministry ensures the fulfillment of gender commitments at the governmental and international levels. Ministry of Education after 1989 After November 1989 , the Czech education system was transformed as a result of the fall of the communist regime. Its pillars are the new Education Act 561/2004 Coll. and the National Program for the Development of Education in Education (White Paper). Substantial changes, which influenced the competencies of the Ministry, took place after 1989 also in the area of ​​education management. On 13 December 1990 , the  Czech National Council adopted Act 564/1990 Coll., On State Administration and Self-Government in Education. The adopted Act introduced the sectoral management of education. Pursuant to Section 2 of this Act, self-government in education is exercised by the municipality and the newly established school authorities. By adopting this law, teachers thus ceased to be employees of the Ministry of the Interior (or school departments of state administration authorities). The adoption of this Act also had an impact on the organizational structure of the Ministry of Education - a workplace for the management of schools in Moravia and Silesia was established, based in Olomouc. Twelve years later, however, in connection with the reform of state administration, the sectoral management of education was Act No. 284/2002 Coll. abolished and the school administration was transferred to municipal and regional authorities . An important law for the functioning of the Czech education system was the Act of the Czech National Council 474/1992 Coll.        At present, the Ministry's competence is regulated by Act No. 2/1969 Coll., On the Establishment of Ministries and Other Central State Administration Bodies of the Czech Republic, as amended.                                                                                                                                                            MINISTRY BUILDING Originally there were three houses on the site of the present palace, which were built around 1571 by architect, builder and stonemason Bonifác Wohlmut. One of them housed a theater hall from 1700 to 1713, where German opera performances were performed. In the 1890s these houses became the property of the Czernin of Chudenice. They had them rebuilt and reunited in 1796. The author of this reconstruction was architect Josef Zobel. Already as one palace it was inherited in 1800 by Princess Marie Pavlína of Hohenzollern - Hechingen
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