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Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES - Paraguay)

The Ministry of Environment (SEAM), is an entity whose function and purposes are the formulation of policies, coordination, supervision, execution of environmental actions, plans, programs and projects framed in the National Development Plan, referents to the preservation, conservation, recomposition and management of natural resources. In addition, it is responsible for ecological management and the environment in general, tending to a permanent improvement of the living conditions of the different sectors of Paraguayan society to guarantee conditions of economic growth, social equity and long-term ecological sustainability. The SEAM is composed of several Directorates and General Directorates, which are in charge of the different areas of the environment, each one relying on others for a common good: to preserve the environment that we have left, and that we must bequeathed to generations to come. In this sense, the SEAM, governing body in the formulation and implementation of environmental policies has promoted the installation, in the State and in public opinion, of the environmental dimension with a rights approach as a strategic and essential line for the generation of the sustainability of development Environmental sustainability is understood as the improvement of the quality of life of the population in human settlements, with improved housing, universal access to drinking water, basic sanitation services and waste management systems; also the decrease in the levels of environmental pollution of the industries, and the implementation of effective planning and control for the use of natural resources, thus reducing the loss of natural heritage and native biodiversity. The update of the Institutional Strategic Planning for the years 2015-2018, part of the revision of the mandate, the current regulations, the management documents and institutional memory and the evaluations carried out previously, as well as, all the information based on knowledge and experience of officials. The Paraguay 2030 National Development Plan (PND 2030) was taken as a framework instrument, which is a strategic country document, to facilitate the coordination of actions in the sectoral instances of the Executive Branch, as well as with various levels of government, civil society, private sector and, eventually, the legislative and judicial powers. In addition, PND 2030 is an instrument that will allow compliance with the constitutional mandate established in Article 177, which states that “National development plans will be indicative for the private sector, and mandatory for the public sector”. In 2014, the National Government presented the National Development Plan Paraguay 2030, which establishes the general guidelines based on public policies to build Paraguay in 2030, which will focus on three major strategic axes: - poverty reduction and social development, - inclusive economic growth, and - insertion of Paraguay in the world in form adequate. In turn, each strategic axis will incorporate four transversal lines: - equal opportunities, - efficient and transparent public management, - land use planning and development, and - environmental sustainability The interaction of the 3 strategic axes with the 4 transversal lines, results in 12 strategies that will guide public policies to build the Paraguay of 2030. The SEAM, for its part, is linked to the strategic guidelines of PND 2030 through the following strategic axes: Poverty reduction and social development, 1.3 Adequate and Sustainable Habitat Inclusive economic growth, and 2.1 Valuation of environmental capital Insertion of Paraguay in the world properly. 3.4 Sustainability of the global habitat Mission: Ensure that National development is carried out according to environmental quality parameters, optimizing ecosystem goods and services, guaranteeing the conservation of natural resources for present and future generations, through environmental governance. Vision: In Paraguay, people live in a healthy environment, respecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity and taking advantage of them in a sustainable way for national development, through the strengthened, effective and efficient management of the Ministry of Environment.
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