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Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture (Georgia)

1995 Constitution, Georgia has assumed responsibility - to protect the basic human rights - to live in healthy environment and enjoy natural and cultural surroundings, to get a complete, objective and timely information about their work place and living environment, promote conservation and sustainable use of multi-occupancy. The Law of Georgia on Environmental Protection was adopted in 1996.  The first state environmental body in Georgia was established in 1974 as the State Committee for the Protection of Nature. Its activities were mainly limited to state control and inter-agency coordination. In 1991 the Ministry of Environment was established. One of the most important tasks of the Ministry is to support sustainable development of the country; Organizing environmental planning system; Environmental protection in the field of public policy, targeted programs, environmental protection, sustainable development strategy, the national action program and management plans for the development and implementation, air, water, land, subsoil and biodiversity, typical for the country's rare and endangered flora and fauna species, tvitmqo ed landscapes and ecosystem protection and maintenance, waste and chemical substances in the field of public administration (regulation, licensing, registration, supervision and control) function; Fulfillment of its obligations under the legislation of Georgia in the field of environment and international obligations within its competence. The Ministry of Public Relations shall provide the public with access to environmental information, their participation in environmental decision-making and the promotion of environmental education and environmental awareness; As of 2014, from the international multilateral treaties ratified by Georgia in the field of environment, the Ministry coordinates the implementation of 15 international environmental conventions, their 5 protocols and 3 agreements. The Ministry is also taking some action and taking part in activities under the auspices of 8 International Environmental Conventions and Protocols, of which Georgia is not yet a party. Environment and Natural Resources to inform the public once every 3 years of the state of the environment of the information in the summary document - the national report, which reflected the country's environmental policy guidelines, the environmental quality information, so International relations in the environmental performance of the various sectors of the economy impacts on the environment.
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