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Ministry of Finance (Belgium)

CORE MISSION AND VALUES Focus on the accomplishment of their core missions in a correct and efficient way Their Federal Public Service: - guarantees correct taxation, tax collection and recovery in due time - ensures optimal funding of the state, guaranteeing the balance between the State Treasury and the outstanding public debt - within the framework of legal transactions involving goods, ensures legal certainty by supplying patrimonial data - supervises flows of goods upon importation, transit and exportation - contributes to preventing and fighting all forms of fraud and crime within their areas of competence - provides policy expertise and support Accomplishing their core missions allows us to contribute to the economic and social welfare of every citizen and company and to help build a healthy, safe and future-oriented society. They are transparent, they apply the tax system correctly and they provide legal certainty and financial stability.
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Company Offices

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  • Boulevard du Roi Albert II 33