Ministry of Finance, Project Management Unit (Lesotho)


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The Ministry of Finance was appointed as a Principal Recipient in 2003. In 2004, the PR established the PMU as its operational arm with the core function of receiving, disbursing, monitoring and reporting on the Global Fund grants performance. PR/PMU is not an implementing agency. The PR/ PMU organisational or capacity development is premised against this background. The objective of the strategic plan therefore is to ensure that PMU has adequate and relevant capacity to undertake these functions. Since first being selected to serve as a GFATM grants PR, the MOF has been called upon to provide that service of PR in all the GF grants in the country: R2 HIV and TB, R5 HIV, R6 TB, R7 HIV, R8 HIV/HSS, R8 TB and R8 HIV/CSS, R9 HIV, SSF HIV  Strategic linkages between the Global Fund and other policy frameworks The role of PMU is to support national priorities identified in the NSP by providing financial and technical support. The support provided targets the financial and programmatic gaps of the national multisectoral response. This support helps to improve coverage, demand creation, systems strengthening, and equitable distribution, access and utilisation of services. Global Fund support contributes to the achievement of the objectives of Vision 2016, Millennium Development Goals (MDG), the Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS (2012), the SADC Maseru Declaration, and the African Union Roadmap for Shared Responsibility and Global Solidarity for HIV, TB, and Malaria in Africa. Mandate   The mandate of PMU is to efficiently manage (receive, disburse, monitor and report) the Global Fund grants for HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis in Lesotho.    Vision   The Vision of PMU is to contribute to zero new HIV infections and improved quality of life of people living and affected by HIV and AIDS, and TB. Mission   The mission of PMU is to strengthen the financial and technical capacity of sub recipients to plan and implement high impact HIV and AIDS, and TB interventions that will contribute to the prevention of new HIV infections, reduction in the spread of TB and improved quality of life of people affected and infected by the two diseases.     

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