• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersMongolia
  • Founded1921

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry (Mongolia)

Strategic Objectives 1. To plan, distribute and spend budget policy and program alternatives, draft policies, provide policy guidance, provide professional and methodological advice and support, budget and general budget governor's budget; 1.1. The Draft, Policy, Technology, Innovation and Marketing Development Policy, Program and Scenario of Food, Agriculture, Light and Small and Medium Enterprises and Scenarios and Plans are based on economic, social and environmental impact studies, analysis, productivity and efficiency estimates. development, policy advice and advice; 1.2. Prepare general budget governor's budget proposal, allocate and spend budget, provide accounting, report and report; 1.3. Engage in drafting of the law and its concepts and providing consultancy, research and policy guidance. 2. To provide public administration, internal regulation and service of machinery, planning and implementation of human resource policy, drafting of legislation, review of legal grounds of government resolution, decision and administrative norms, contract legal provisions, legal assistance and recommendations to provide all-round support to the development of foreign cooperation; 2.1. Providing public administration and human resource management, planning of human resource policies in the sector, organizing implementation, working conditions of public servants, ensuring social security, issuing reports on legislation, government resolution and decision-making, and communicating with the public; 2.2. To provide legal advice and support to the drafting of administrative norms and contracts drafting, elaboration of legal provisions, duplication of laws, duplication, duplication and breach, and legal basis; 2.3. Strengthen, expand, coordinate and coordinate foreign cooperation in line with sectoral policies and objectives. 3. Organize and coordinate implementation of livestock production policies; 3.1. To organize and regulate the implementation of sustainable development, intensification, pasture use, protection of water supply, protection of livestock from natural and climatic risks, and to implement policy to increase adaptation and supply of nutrients; 3.2. To organize and coordinate the implementation of policy on raising herders' income and creating comfortable living conditions and the proper use of veterinary drugs 4. Organize and coordinate the implementation of crop production policies; 4.1. To organize and coordinate the implementation of policy to increase the capacity to bear the risk of natural and climatic risk of crop production, to improve seed multiplication, diversification, soil fertility protection, increase production of crop plants, and to provide sustainable and accessible supply. 4.2. To organize and coordinate policy implementation to ensure the sustainable development and enabling environmentally friendly techniques and technologies in crop production 5. Organize and coordinate implementation of light industry, domestic trade, public food and service policy; 5.1. To organize and coordinate the implementation of policy on the development of value-added networks and the stabilization of the clusters in the light industry for export-oriented and import-substitution products; 5.2. Organize and coordinate intensification of light industry innovation and technological innovation; 5.3. Organize and coordinate the implementation of policies on improving the quality of trade and public services. 6. Organizing and coordinating the implementation of the food sector policy; 6.1. Food and food production and development of cluster networks, increase competitiveness of foodstuffs, increase import opportunities and exports, stabilize food supply, reduce quarterly supply of strategic food supply, organize and regulate the implementation of alcohol and tobacco production and import policy ; 6.2. Establish and strengthen the registration, quality management and monitoring system for all phases of the food chain and maintain electronic information database 7. Organize and coordinate implementation of SMEs and cooperatives policy; 7.1. Strengthen the implementation of policy on stabilization of small and medium sized enterprises and cooperatives, increase financial and investment sources, improve competitiveness and market expansion; 7.2. Organize and coordinate the implementation of policies and programs on providing business consulting, training and information services, and inculcation services for small and medium enterprises 8. Monitoring and monitoring the sectoral legislation, policies, programs, projects, government resolutions and decisions evaluation, internal auditing, risk management, statistical data, and providing users with information and information. 8.1. Monitoring the implementation of sectoral legislation, policies, programs, plans, projects, and cooperation agreements and agreements, evaluating results, evaluating, evaluating and recommending recommendations, ensuring implementation and implementation of consumer reviews; 8.2. Monitoring and overseeing the implementation of sectoral legislation, policies and decisions, internal auditing of financial, performance and compliance with public funds, liabilities, revenues, expenditures, programs, projects, and investments, raising efficiency and risk management to provide; 8.3. Provide industry statistical information, establish information network, create database, provide users with information, ensure network reliability
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  • Mongolia (headquarters)
  • Ulaanbaatar
  • Bayanzurkh district, Peace Avenue 16a, Government IXA building