Ministry of Health (Министерство за Здравство) - Macedonia

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, as an integral part of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia , has as its primary goal the health care and health insurance of the population. The goals of the Macedonian Ministry of Health are to perform the tasks related to: - health care and health insurance of the population; - pollution of air, water, land and animal products; - the organization and development of health; - monitoring the health status of the population; - protection of the population against infectious diseases, harmful effects of gases, ionizing radiation, noise, air pollution, water and land; - foodstuffs and articles for general use; - the hygienic-epidemiological situation; - medicines, aids, medical devices, medical equipment, sanitary devices and materials; - poisons and narcotic drugs; - supervision under its jurisdiction; and - performs other duties determined by law
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Company Offices

  • Macedonia (FYROM) (headquarters)
  • Skopje