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Ministry of Health (Suriname)

ABOUT MINISTRY The activities of the Ministry of Health are determined by the policy it sets out. In this policy the vision and mission of the Ministry are paramount. This means that all policies must lead to better access to health care for everyone and a good quality of care. Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. The Ministry makes these decisions as carefully as possible on the basis of research and consultations with those involved. These investigations and considerations are recorded in reports. Some of the most important policy documents are the Healthcare Sector Plan, the Long-Term Policy Plan, the Health Sector Reform Studies and the National Strategic Plan for HIV / AIDS. Job description 1. For the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH, the special tasks are described as follows: Care for: Public health in the broadest sense and the supervision of the promotion of public health in particular, including health information and education; Ensuring the quality, availability and accessibility of healthcare across the country; Human material facilities in health care, including medicines and other medical supplies; The management and control of nursing and / or treatment facilities for the sick, pharmacies and warehouses of medicines and the medical and pharmaceutical supplies;  The medical examination of persons in the Staatsdienst; Keeping out contamination from shipping and aviation; The supervision of the practice of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry; The inspection of food and goods and the supervision of the preparation and sale thereof; The health of populations and individuals who need this care and who otherwise would not receive it; Registration of medicines; An optimal external living and living environment, as well as supervision of compliance with the legal regulations relating thereto; The construction and maintenance of parks and public gardens, as well as government sites; Environmental hygiene, including sanitary inspection, industrial hygiene, control and supervision of the destruction of pharmaceutical, clinical and industrial waste, in collaboration with the appropriate bodies 2. This ministry is also charged with the care of all subjects directly or indirectly related to the matters mentioned in the previous paragraph, insofar as not specifically assigned to another ministry. (Source: State Decree 1991 no. 58)
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