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Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD - China)

(1) The responsibilities of the former Ministry of Construction will be allocated to the Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department. (2) Cancelling administrative examination and approval items that have been cancelled by the State Council. (3) Abolishing the examination of the administrative examination and approval of individual qualifications in the field of housing and urban and rural construction. (4) Assigning the responsibility for guiding urban passenger transport to the Ministry of Transport. (5) Handing over the specific duties of urban management to the urban people's government, and the municipal people's government shall determine municipal public utilities, greening, water supply, water conservation, drainage, sewage treatment, urban passenger transportation, municipal facilities, gardens, city appearance, sanitation and construction. Management system for files and other aspects. (6) Accelerate the establishment of a housing security system, improve the low-rent housing system, and focus on solving the housing difficulties of low-income families. (7) Strengthening urban and rural planning management, promoting building energy conservation, improving the living environment and promoting the healthy development of urbanization. Second, the main responsibilities (1) to assume the responsibility of housing low-income families in urban areas. Formulate policies related to housing security and guide implementation. Formulate low-rent housing plans and policies, and work with relevant departments to do central bank arrangements for low-rent housing, and supervise the implementation of local organizations. Prepare housing security development plans and annual plans and supervise implementation.  (2) Responsible for promoting the reform of the housing system. Formulate a housing policy that suits the national conditions, guide housing reform and housing system reform, formulate national housing construction plans and guide implementation, and study policy recommendations for major issues of housing and urban and rural construction. (3) Responsibility for regulating the order of housing and urban and rural construction management. Draft draft laws and regulations on housing and urban and rural construction, and formulate departmental regulations. Organize and implement urban and rural planning according to law, formulate policies and rules and regulations for urban and rural planning, organize the preparation of national urban system planning with relevant departments, be responsible for the review and approval of the overall urban planning and provincial urban system planning submitted by the State Council, and participate in land use. Review the overall planning outline and formulate scientific and technological development plans and economic policies for housing and urban and rural construction.  (4) Responsibility for establishing a scientific and standardized engineering construction standard system. Organize and formulate national standards for the implementation phase of engineering construction, formulate and publish national unified quotas and industry standards for project construction, formulate management methods for feasibility study and evaluation methods, economic parameters, construction standards and project cost of construction projects, and formulate public service facilities (excluding Communication facilities) Construction standards and supervision and implementation, guidance and supervision of the implementation of various engineering construction standards quotas and project cost pricing, organization and release of project cost information.  (5) To assume the responsibility of regulating the order of the real estate market and supervising and managing the real estate market. Cooperate with or cooperate with relevant departments to organize and formulate real estate market supervision policies and supervise implementation, guide the transfer and development and utilization of urban land use rights, propose real estate industry development plans and industrial policies, and formulate real estate development, housing ownership management, house leasing, The rules and regulations of housing area management, real estate appraisal and brokerage management, property management, house demolition and demolition are supervised and implemented.  (6) Supervising and managing the construction market and regulating the behavior of all parties in the market. To guide national construction activities, organize the implementation of supervision and enforcement of housing and municipal engineering project bidding activities, formulate regulations and regulations for survey and design, construction, construction supervision, and supervise and guide implementation, and formulate industry development strategies for engineering construction, construction industry, survey and design Medium and long-term planning, reform plans, industrial policies, rules and regulations, and supervision and implementation, formulate rules and regulations that regulate the behavior of all parties in the construction market and supervise implementation, organize and coordinate construction enterprises to participate in international engineering contracting and construction labor cooperation. (7) To study and formulate policies, plans, and implementation of urban construction, to guide the construction of urban public utilities, safety and emergency management, to formulate development plans, policies, and implementation of national scenic spots, and to be responsible for review, approval, and supervision of national-level scenic spots. Management, organization and review of the declaration of the World Natural Heritage, and the relevant authorities of cultural relics and other relevant departments to review the declaration of the dual natural heritage of nature and culture. The competent department of cultural relics is responsible for the protection, supervision and management of historical and cultural cities (towns and villages).  (8) Responsibility for standardizing the construction of villages and towns and guiding the construction of villages and towns throughout the country. Formulate village and small town construction policies and guide implementation, guide village and town planning, rural housing construction and safety and renovation of dilapidated buildings, guide the improvement of human settlements and ecological environment in small towns and villages, and guide the construction of key towns nationwide.  (9) Responsibility for the quality and safety supervision of construction projects. Formulate policies, rules and regulations for the construction project quality, construction safety production and completion inspection and registration, supervise the implementation, organize or participate in the investigation and handling of major quality and safety accidents of the project, formulate technical policies for the construction industry, engineering survey and design consulting industry and guide implementation.  (10) Responsible for promoting building energy conservation and urban emission reduction. It will work with relevant departments to formulate policies, plans and supervise the implementation of building energy conservation, organize and implement major building energy conservation projects, and promote urban emission reduction.  (11) Responsible for the supervision and management of the housing provident fund to ensure the effective use and safety of the provident fund. It will work with relevant departments to formulate housing provident fund policies, development plans and organize implementation, formulate a housing accumulation fund deposit, use, management and supervision system, supervise the management, use and safety of the national housing provident fund and other housing funds, and manage the housing provident fund information system.  (12) Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in housing and urban and rural construction.  (13) To undertake other matters assigned by the State Council. 
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