Ministry of Justice (Madagascar)

Like any modern state that respects the principle of the separation of powers, Madagascar has its Legislative, Executive and Judicial Powers. With particular regard to the Executive Power, he is embodied by a Government consisting of Ministries; including those known as sovereignty.The Ministry of Justice is a Ministry of Sovereignty. He plays an important role in national life in general. In fact, it is not only the first bulwark in the preservation of the interests of the Family but in addition, its role in securing transactions, organizing the safety of people and property and above all, in protecting individual freedoms is decisive. Decree No. 2008-438 fixing the powers of the Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Strengthening the anti-corruption system and sanctions for corruption in the judicial system; Improving the legal environment to ensure the speed and transparency of litigation by reforming laws aimed at simplifying court proceedings and developing business; The acceleration of processing of cases in progress in all jurisdictions; Promoting respect for human rights and strengthening their protection; And humanization, prison detention. Even if no rank of precedence is established between the Ministries in Madagascar, as is the case in England, where the Minister of Justice comes officially after the Minister of Finance in His Majesty's Government, several outward signs symbolize the special place held by the Malagasy Ministry of Justice. Among others, there is the name of the one who directs it that is "Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice". This name is not usurped because it is justified in reality. Indeed, the Minister of Justice is indeed the depositary of the Seals of the Republic of Madagascar. This practice is inherited from feudalism but to scrutinize the political history of the country, it seems to have been unanimous among the successive regimes to such a point that none of them had thought of changing it. In addition, the Ministry of Justice is the only ministerial department which, within the Government, enjoys a particular position allowing it to maintain a close link with an Institutional Power, in this case the Judiciary or more specifically the Juridictional function, as the Malagasy constitution designates.This situation is such that it installs some confusion among the laymen. The latter do not know, in fact, who of the Ministry of Justice or of the Courts and Courts embody the Juridical Function as the former is demonstrating an exceptional dynamic in its mission of organizing the administration of Justice. Yet in reality, the respective roles of each of them are distinct without being totally independent from each other; the courts to make periodic reports of their facts to the Ministry. Conversely, it provides the courts with the financial, material and human resources needed to carry out their activities.
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