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Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment (Tunisia)

The Ministry A brief history since the creation, focusing on the increased commitment of the country on the path to sustainable progress, and efforts to initiate and implement an environmental culture. Present the Ministry as "a facilitator, a companion for change": - a change to lay the foundations of tomorrow's economy which is assumed to refer inevitably to sustainable development and its planning and management tools; - a change enabling the society to continue the protection of its environment to ensure better welfare and to settle a better life for the future generations. Role and assignments The duties and functions of the Ministry of Environment are as follows: - To propose the general policy of the government in the areas of environment protection, nature conservation and promotion of the quality of life; - to lay the foundations for development sustainability in the general and sectoral policies of the government in collaboration with concerned ministries and agencies; and to ensure that these policies are implemented. - To promote the laws on environment protection and nature conservation and to make every effort to integrate the concept of development sustainability into national strategies and plans by taking measures of a general or special nature in the various environment- and development-related fields and by drawing up specifications of the concept of equilibrium in the natural environment. - To improve environmental conditions and the living environment; to limit or eliminate the dangers threatening man, environment and natural resources; to protect and develop the spaces assigned to wildlife and landscape development; and to protect and develop the open spaces needed for the growth of future generations. - To lay down environment-friendly rules for the management of all sectors of activity and natural resources; to take all necessry measures with all concerned parties to protect and guard against environmental risks; and to face potential or anticipated environmental problems without waiting for their actual occurrence. The Ministry of Environment is assigned the following tasks, in particular: - To firmly establish and spread the concept of sustainable development and to incorporate it into general and sectoral socio-economic policies as well as into natural resource planning and management methodologies. - To collaborate with concerned parties in integrating the environmental dimension into all development strategies, plans, programs, activities and projects and to direct the operations of protection, control, monitoring and coordination toward achieving the objectives of sustainable development. - To map out a national strategy for sustainable development specifying the measures to be taken in order to adapt the procedures of planning and management applied by government structures and institutions to the basic factors of sustainable development. - To conduct prospective studies on the environment and its relationship with socio-economic development, aimed at helping the government orient its general and sectoral policies. - To monitor the general environmental status on the basis of environment and sustainable development indicators. - To activate and coordinate government actions in the fields of environment protection and nature conservation including control, prevention and limitation or elimination of environmental pollution and damage and of all dangers to the environment caused by private persons, major communities, collective utilities or agricultural, commercial, industrial or other activities. - To work out specific procedures for the disposal of wastes and discharges from industrial, urban, agricultural, and health activities as well as from the fields of energy, transport and other activities, in cooperation with concerned ministries and structures, and to ensure that those procedures are applied. - To spread the culture of the environment and sustainable development in all sections of society in order to mobilize all parties to participate in protecting the environment and securing the sustainability of environmental achievements. - To promote training, education and awareness activities in the field of the environment and sustainable development particularly in the areas of pollution control, nature conservation, good management of natural resources and protection and safeguard against possible dangers, in cooperation with concerned national structures and institutions and with governmental and non-governmental organizations. - To coordinate action in charting and carrying out national programs in the fields of environment protection, safeguard against environmental risks, monitoring of works on the development, protection and management of natural environmental spaces and systems and of the coastline, and control of management in those systems and spaces as well as in the public marine domain. - To ensure the fulfillment of international obligations in the fields of pollution control, protection against, and limitation or elimination of, environmental risks, environment protection and sustainable development. - To monitor sustainable development processes at international and regional levels and to work toward developing those processes. - To represent the Tunisian Government to international bodies as well as to bilateral and multilateral meetings that deal with sustainable development, environment protection and nature conservation and with safeguard and protection against environmental hazards, jointly with concerned ministries. - To promote all actions, researches, studies and programs of a scientific, technical or economic nature, whose subject is the improvement of techniques for environment protection, natural environment conservation, pollution control and safeguard against environmental risks as well as for clean development, in conjunction and cooperation with concerned ministries and institutions. In addition, the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development exercises a supervision authority over its subsidiary institutions and -within the limits of its available resources- extends full support, assistance and encouragement to community action in the fields of environment protection and sustainable development. The Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development is responsible for coordinating and activating the government policy in the field of sustainable development and for taking all necessary measures to improve the quality and effectiveness of government action in the environmental fields as well as such measures as may be required for public information.
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