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Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Indonesia)

The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Indonesian: 'Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan', KKP) is a government ministry which organise marine affairs and fisheries affairs within the Indonesian government. History Since the reform era revolved in the midst of Indonesian politics, since then a fundamental change in life has developed in almost all national and state lives.Such as the spread of various crises that hit the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. One of them is related to Development Orientation. In the New Order era, the orientation of development was still concentrated in the mainland. The maritime sector can be said to be almost untouched, even though in reality marine and fisheries resources possessed by Indonesia are very diverse, both in their type and potential. The potential of these resources consists of renewable resources, such as fisheries resources, both capture fisheries and marine and coastal cultivation, non-conventional energy and energy and non-renewable resources such as oil and gas resources and various types of minerals. In addition to these two types of resources, there are also various types of marine environmental services that can be developed for marine and fisheries development such as marine tourism, maritime industry, transportation services and so on. Surely this is what underlies President Abdurrahman Wahid with Presidential Decree No. 355 / M In 1999 dated October 26, 1999 in the Cabinet of the 1999-2004 Period appointed Ir. Sarwono Kusumaatmaja as Minister of Marine Exploration. Furthermore, the appointment was followed by the establishment of the Ocean Exploration Department (DEL) along with the details of their duties and functions through Presidential Decree No. 136 of 1999 dated November 10, 1999 concerning the Position, Tasks, Functions, Organizational Structure and Work Procedures of the Department. It turned out that the use of DEL nomenclature did not last long because based on the proposals of the House of Representatives and various parties, mentioning changes had been made from the Minister of Marine Exploration to the Minister of Marine Exploration and Fisheries based on Presidential Decree No. 145 of 1999 on December 1, 1999. This change was followed up by replacing DEL nomenclature into the Department Sea and Fisheries Exploration (DELP) through Presidential Decree Number 147 of 1999 dated December 1, 1999. In further developments, there has been a reform of the cabinet structure after the MPR Annual Session in 2000, and there has been a change in DELP nomenclature to the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) according to Presidential Decree No. 165 of 2000 dated November 23, 2000 concerning Position, Task, Function, Authority Organization, and Work Procedure of the Department.  Then changed to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 47 of 2009 concerning the Establishment and Organization of State Ministries, the Nomenclature of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries became the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, while the organizational structure in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries did not change. The establishment of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is basically a challenge, as well as an opportunity for the development of Indonesia's marine and fisheries sector. That is, how this KKP places the marine and fisheries sector as one of the mainstay sectors that can deliver the Indonesian Nation out of a prolonged economic crisis. At least there are a number of underlying reasons.  First, Indonesia as an archipelago with an island number of 17,508 and a coastline of 81,000 km is not only the largest archipelagic country in the world but also has a large wealth of marine natural resources and has not been utilized optimally. Secondly, for decades, the development orientation of this country was more onshore, resulting in depleted land resources. Therefore, it is only natural that marine resources and fisheries grow in the future.  Third, associated with the rate of population growth and increasing human awareness of the importance of fisheries and marine products for human health and intelligence, it is strongly believed that it can still improve fisheries and marine products in the future. Fourth, dynamic coastal and ocean areas not only have resource potential, but also have the potential for the development of various extractive development activities such as industry, settlements, conservation and so forth. Notification of Nomenclature Change Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Becomes Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries  Changes in Nomenclature of Departments to Ministries: With the enactment of Presidential Regulation No. No. 47 of 2009 concerning the Establishment and Organization of State Ministries, the Nomenclature of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries became the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, while the organizational structure in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries did not change.   VISION One of the national development missions related to maritime and fisheries development is To Realize Indonesia to be an Independent, Advanced, Strong and Nationally Based Maritime Country. As an organization that helps the President in charge of marine and fisheries affairs, the KKP's vision is set in line with the national development vision and aims to support the realization of Indonesia as the world's maritime axis. KKP's vision is "Creating an Independent, Advanced, Strong and Nationally Based Indonesian Maritime and Fisheries Sector" . Mandiri is intended that in the future Indonesia can rely on its own capabilities and strengths in managing marine and fisheries resources, so that they are equal and equal to other nations. Forward is intended to be able to manage marine and fisheries resources  with the strength of innovative and value-added competent human resources and science and technology, to achieve high and equitable community welfare. Strong means having the ability to improve economic growth from managing the potential of marine and fisheries resources and fostering maritime insight and culture. Based on national interest is intended to optimize the use of marine and fisheries resources in a sustainable manner for the welfare of the community. MISSION Referring to the duties, functions and authorities that have been mandated by the laws and regulations to the CTF and the elaboration of the national development mission, there are 3 pillars that become the KKP's mission, namely:  1. Sovereignty, which is to realize the development of sovereign marine and fisheries sustaining economic independence by securing marine and fishery resources, and reflecting the personality of Indonesia as an archipelago.  2. Sustainability, which is to realize sustainable marine and fisheries resource management.  3. Prosperity, which is to realize a maritime and fisheries society that is prosperous, advanced, independent, and has a personality in culture. PURPOSE Describing the maritime and fisheries development mission, the objectives of marine and fisheries development are: Sovereignty, namely:  1. Increasing supervision of marine and fisheries resource management  2. Developing fish quarantine systems, quality control, fisheries product safety, and fish biosafety Sustainability, namely:  3. Optimizing marine space management, conservation and marine biodiversity  4. Increasing the sustainability of capture fisheries and aquaculture businesses  5. Increasing the competitiveness and logistics system of marine and fishery products Prosperity, namely:  6. Developing human resource capacity and community empowerment  7. Developing marine and fisheries science and technology innovations
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