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  • HeadquartersMongolia

Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry (Mongolia)

Mission: Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry’s mission is to develop a Transparent and Responsible Mining, Heavy Industry through increasing the Mineral Resource Fund and establish a Balanced Economy with multi pillar structure.  Priorities: Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry will work focusing on the following priorities: To organize and develop the sector policy and legal environment, the geological survey and mineral accelerate the process of exploration and increase the treasury of mineral resources; To improve the economic capacity of the country through the mining sector policy and legal environment for making all types of mining, processing, selling and export issues policy guidelines; Improve the Heavy Industry sector policies and the legal environment, introduce advanced technology and innovation, localization, update, and through the development of production technology park; Oil and Fuel Industry policy and legal environment for refining the oil and non-conventional oil (coal bed methane, oil shale, oily sand, etc.), search and sustainable long-term exploration and intensify production and sales Saving and the potential to increase the supply of oil products supply is stable and improving fuel quality standards and reducing air pollution; To improve economical efficiency and the financial capacity development for Geology, Mining,Oil, Fuel, and Heavy Industrial sector , attract Domestic and Foreign Investment; To improve competitiveness through the development of Public-Private Partnership, Management-Structure system; Technical update on Geology, Mining, Oil. Fuel and Heavy Industry sector, Introduction of environmental friendly advanced technologies; Transparent and Accountable  Mining development based on civil society participation, Introduce principles and standards from "Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative" and the "Initiative to Develop Responsible Mining" Focus on Geology, Mining, Oil, Fuel and Heavy Industry workers occupational safety and health issues.
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  • Mongolia (headquarters)
  • Ulaanbaatar
  • United Nations Street 5/2, Government II building