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Ministry of Public Health (Niger)

The main mission of the Ministry of Public Health is to set up a health system capable of providing quality care, accessible to all populations of Niger.  The services are provided by a network of care establishments structured in 3 hierarchical levels  The organization of the health system, modeled on the administrative division of the country, is structured in the following way:  The governance of the health system is provided at national level by the central administration of the Ministry of Public Health, which includes: a Cabinet of the Minister, a General Secretariat, 3 Directorates General (Public Health, Reproductive Health and Resources), and 17 National Directions. In terms of healthcare services, the tertiary level comprises 3 national hospitals and one national reference maternity unit, all of which are Public Administration Establishments (EPA). At the regional level, eight (8) Regional Directorates of Public Health (DRSP) coordinate and monitor health actions and provide technical support to the health districts under their responsibility.  2nd referral care is provided by 6 regional hospitals, and 7 Mother and Child Health Centers, 6 of which are functional. At the peripheral level, health action is based on 71 Health Districts, of which 44 are functional with 883 Integrated Health Centers (CSI) of which 881 are functional (99.77%); in addition, 2501 health huts of which 2458 are functional (98.28%) are also attached to them. Primary care is provided by 33 district hospitals, 27 of which have functional operating theaters (81.81%). The participation of the community and civil society is ensured at different levels through health committees, management committees, associations and health mutuals. In addition to the public structures indicated above, managed by the Ministry in charge of Public Health, the health system includes public health care institutions belonging to other public administrations (military garrisons, CNSS, etc.) and private establishments mainly. oriented to curative activities and concentrated in urban centers. There are 288 institutions including 36 clinics and polyclinics, 257 medical offices and treatment rooms and 5 private non-profit hospitals and one (1) private ophthalmic center (MAKKA).
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